Custom Scene Request (Per Pet)


If you have a scene in mind and we do not currently have an example on our site that suits you please upload some good quality images of your pet and ALSO upload a picture/s (if you have some) of an example of your ideas using the "choose image button" and we will generate a custom order just for you, please also be as decriptive as possible in the "notes to the artist" section at checkout to get the very best end results!

Requesting a custom scene costs from just £75 (personalisation fee) per pet, per scene (non refundable),  our artists will then generate a proof for you to view, custom scenes take longer than our standard portraits and can take from 5-7 weeks depending on their complexity


This beautiful portrait would suit any room, modern or traditional whilst capturing the personality of your beloved pet forever.

SKU: 5PT55921

If you are ready to place your order please follow these simple guidelines to get the very best out of your artwork!, this is the MOST important step of your order and really does make a positive difference to the finished piece of artwork if we can see as much detail as possible.

Most uploaded photos are good enough to use but to get the very best result from our team please follow the guidelines below.

  • If possible Take a NEW photo at eye level with your pet
  • Its often best if your pet is looking slightly to the side for example to either one of your shoulders
  • take the shot of your pets head ONLY! any other body parts are wasted pixels and reduce the quality of your image greatly
  • Blurry photos will reduce the quality of your finished order GREATLY!
  • Have adequate lighting for your pets photo, (Outdoor Daylight is unbeatable!)
  • do not crop photos, if your pets ears, mouth or any other facial part are out of shot we will not be able to add them
  • Your pets photograph will be used to capture the correct colour of Fur, Eyes, Skin etc, if you are not happy with the colours shown then do not upload it.

It is your responsibility to provide the best quality photograph possible, refunds once an order is placed are not possible due to the bespoke nature of the work so make sure it is clear, bright and detailed enough for us to work with, 

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