Turner and walker

Our office dogs Millie, Molly & Mike...

by Andrew Boid on Mar 28, 2018

Our office dogs Millie, Molly & Mike...

Welcome to Turner and Walker in this blog you can keep up to date with some stunning portraiture straight from our most recent customers and also from our private works, please feel free to comment or send photos of your faithful friends so we can add them to the blog!

we LOVE to see new pets and not just dogs and cats as we frequently commission birds, reptiles and various other weird and wonderful creatures!


Here is our 1st office mascot (we have 3 :) 


You may have noticed around the site our lovely little Cocker Mike, (4 Years Old)

(pictured below)

We have had Mike since he was weaned and he has been the most loving and adorable little dog we have ever known, he loves side scritches and immediately cries (physically with his lips) if anyone takes his precious ball away from him!



Here's Molly (5 Years old).........

She is a Patterdale X Jack Russell and is.... well lets just say unique.

Dont let her angelic face fool you! this little lady would defend you until her dying breath and has bundles of personality, if she is ever quiet that means she is not actually nearby! she loves to growl (playfully) and is hilarious in the office constantly patrolling and teasing Mike by pinching his tennis balls


Our last doggo is Millie (10 years old).

Millie's ideal day would be to spend all day under the quilt come downstairs at tea time eat her food and then head straight back to her warm bed, this dog does lazy WELL! being 10 years old she is still full of beans when the magic "walk" word is uttered where she immediately changes personalities and becomes a crazed maniac bouncing off the walls and yelping like her life depends on it!


These 3 are in the office daily with us and make it a real joy to come to work in the mornings!


keep track of the blog to see other customers finished works and some great before and after shots!